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Phone: to 786 326 3828
campaign headquarters:
18579 NW 27th Avenue
Miami Gardens, FL 33056

Oscar Braynon for Senate
P.O. Box 694804
Miami Gardens, Florida 33169

Your ISSUES are my priority

  • Forclosure
    • Keep families in their homes
    • Fight for more effective bank regulations   
  • Jobs
    • Bring jobs to District 36 through the economic development of main corridors
      • Citizens Independent Transit Trust - creating jobs for local government and businesses in District 36
    • Bring business to our district

  • Education
    • Ensuring that Miami-Dade County receives proper funding from the state for our public schools
    • Encouraging, developing, and supporting programs, such as The 500 Role Models of Excellence, that will tackle the high dropout rate of black males in Miami-Dade County
    • Maintaining local control of our public school system
    • Protecting the Class Size Amendment and making sure that we have small class sizes for all of our public schools
    • Supporting phasing-out/elimination of high stakes tests

  • Crime
    • Encouraging Neighborhood Crime Watch Programs so we can take an active role in the safety of our community
    • Encouraging federal grant funding for programs that encourage community policing

  • Protecting Us and Our interests
    • Protecting the pension and retirement of our government employees
    • Preserving our Medicaid and Medicare benefits
    • Supporting the reforms passed by Congress and our President of our health care industry
    • Fighting against an Arizona-style immigration law


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