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My HOME has always been in District 36

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It started innocently enough for Oscar Braynon, II.

“I remember seeing signs as early as kindergarten,” said his mother Patricia Braynon. “He was always concerned about fighting for the rights of others.”

The Braynon family routine of listening to public radio while eating breakfast or attending local government meetings as a family, encouraged him to know what was going on in his community and the world, said his father, Oscar Braynon.

O2, as his friends and family call him, quickly learned the only way to make a difference in the lives of others was to be an active participant in the political process. His feelings were solidified after he spent several months watching his parents and neighbors fight against expansion in his community when he was in elementary school.

“After we lost I made up my mind to become a politician in order to fight for my community,” said Senator Braynon.

His life-long dream became a reality in July of 2003, when at the age of 26 he was elected to serve as a City Councilman of Miami-Dade County's third-largest populated city (Miami Gardens).  He made history by becoming one of the youngest politicians ever elected in Miami-Dade County. 

It was around that time when he met Melissa, now his wife of eight years.

“Whenever we went on a date in Miami, he always took the long route,” Melissa said. “It was always exciting because he would tell me stories about a certain street or a hole-in-the-wall restaurant. It was like traveling with someone from the History Channel.”

The two were married in 2006, and Melissa gave birth to their sons, Oscar, III and Brandon in 2008 and 2011, respectively. One of Melissa’s favorite memories of Senator Braynon as a new dad came after all of the visitors left the hospital after the birth of their first son.

“It had finally settled down and it was just the three of us,” said Melissa. “He looked at our son and said, “‘I am your dad, and I will take care of you.’ I will never forget that moment.”

Part of his commitment to his boys is breakfast time every morning, said Melissa. “His evenings can get hectic. Preparing breakfast and eating it with them is sacred to him.”

Senator Braynon credits his ability to balance work and family life to the unconditional support of Melissa.

“The biggest part is that Melissa is a great partner and we do this work as a family,” he said.

Senator Braynon was elected to the Florida Senate to represent Senate District 36 in March of 2011. He is currently the Minority Whip for the Florida Senate. District 36 encompasses the majority of Northeast Miami-Dade County and parts of Southern Broward County.

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